Paperless inventory/creation of inventories using mobile data collection devices – isMobilinvent

Simplify your stocktaking

Annual stock takes are often associated with a great deal of time and manpower. isMobilinvent offers you the simple solution to collect and evaluate data and your stock using paperless barcode terminals. Mobile data collection using mobile barcode terminals replaces the stock list and makes it easier to count the items in the warehouse. The cumbersome and time-consuming paper-based stocktake is now a thing of the past. The use of mobile data capture minimises the amount of work, reduces potential sources of error and increases your efficiency. isMobilinvent is a stand-alone system and works completely independently from your existing ERP system. To accelerate the stock take process, several mobile terminals may be used. isMobilinvent is suitable for smaller and larger companies and supports the recording of products with quantities, as well as the transfer of the values into corresponding export files or directly into your ERP management system (optional). Using mobile or stationary barcode printers and corresponding consumables, high quality labels can be produced and retrieved for items and stock at any time.

Mobile inventory creation with isMobilinvent

With the ability to create new records immediately using the mobile terminal and directly print labels through a mobile barcode label printer, items and materials can be assessed and labelled on-site. Every user can log on to the mobile terminal via the start screen. Physical inventory transactions are subsequently provided with the name, date and time. When an item is scanned, the exact item data is displayed on the terminal. Missing items can be replaced and any changes to the item description can be edited using the keyboard. Upon confirmation of quantity, the inventory transaction of the item is completed and the next item can be recorded. If an item is accidentally scanned again, a message appears on the barcode terminal display and the item can be counted again or skipped to the next item. After the inventory has been completed, the inventory data can be transferred directly to a desktop PC at the push of a button, where they are available in csv format for further digital processing. Alternatively, isMobilinvent can communicate directly with your ERP system.

Paperless inventory according to your specifications

Using the stand-alone isMobilinvent software you can carry out your inventory in parallel with your day-to-day business. The software comes preinstalled on the barcode terminal. The import of information from your inventory data to the mobile terminal device takes place via your desktop PC. If necessary, you can tailor the fields to be queried to your precise needs. In addition to the two query fields ‘serial number’ and ‘room or storage location number’, another 8 freely definable fields are available (for example, dimensions, manufacturer, user, etc.). After transferring the inventory list, the inventory items can be recorded with the mobile data capture device by scanning the barcodes.

Standard features of the inventory at a glance

  • Supports the recording of products with their quantity specification and the transfer of the values into corresponding export files or directly into the existing ERP system (optional).
  • Quick, paperless capture of items and inventory by scanning the item barcode.
  • Alternative: Detailed manual entry via alphanumeric keyboard.
  • User and date of capture are automatically saved.
  • The manual comparison of paper lists is eliminated and possible sources of error reduced.
  • Following data collection, simply transfer the recorded data to a desktop PC at the push of a button – data is immediately ready for further processing (csv file).
  • Optionally, it is possible to create a list print via the existing network printers directly from the mobile terminal.

Features of isMobilinvent:

  • Stock take and inventory without paper lists.
  • Works as a stand-alone system or can be connected directly to your ERP system.
  • Capture items and inventory by simply scanning the item barcodes or serial numbers.
  • Error minimisation.
  • The data recorded in the stand-alone software is exported as a csv file.
  • Multiple data capture devices can be in use simultaneously.