Mobile Device Management

Integrate tablets and smartphones into your IT with the SOTI Mobile Device Management system

These days, more and more significance is attached to the use of mobile devices in companies. It has become commonplace for mobile devices to be used for business as well as privately in companies. This method is described by the term “bring your own device” (BYOD). With the help of mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, processes and operations can be organised quicker and more efficiently. Individual work stages and complex processes can thereby be simplified, saving time and allowing flexibility. Additionally, all work stages can be tracked flexibly at any time and from any location.

Today, personal computers and laptops are integrated and secured perfectly in a company’s IT-infrastructure. However, mobile end devices are often not. Therefore, more and more company data is stored on mobile devices and employees access the company network externally more frequently. This development can be observed in a number of different sectors, such as in commercial companies, industry production, warehouse and logistics companies or the health sector.
With the SOTI Mobile Device Management system known as MobilControl, you obtain and retain control over the security of your company data. The software assists you in the secure, efficient and reliable administration of mobile end devices, such as tablets and smartphones and integrates them into your IT infrastructure like your server, PCs and laptops. Furthermore, the software ensures that there are no applications running on the mobile devices, which could endanger your company security. Even lost or stolen devices can be deleted from your IT system and removed from distance-access, so as to prevent access from unauthorised persons.

With Mobile Device Management (MDM), it is easier to monitor and secure the use of mobile devices. This ensures that confidential company information and customer data can only be provided to employees who are authorised to access it. Whether you need to integrate MDM solutions or comprehensive management tools in your company will depend on the requirements and total number of mobile devices used. The manufacturer-independent MDM system is ideal for large companies and can be integrated with ease by installing it on your own server. Small companies do not need to go to such efforts and can use a cloud-based solution, such as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Monitor processing power and resource consumption with the Operational Visibility Service (OVS) by ZEBRA.

As a leading manufacturer of barcode technologies, the OVS tool by Zebra provides a dedicated MSM platform. OVS uses a single interface to provide insight into multi-system data on your Zebra and non-Zebra mobile devices and Zebra Link-OS network-enabled printers. When using the Mobile Device Management, it may be important to retrieve other information from the devices used in the company. For example, where the devices are currently located, their functional status and whether they are sufficiently charged to meet their energy requirements etc. In general, this cloud-based solution delivers important information about device functions, characteristics and applications in the company. The Software Operational Visibility Service by ZEBRA (OVS) is used here and ensures transparent operational processes. Get an exact overview of all important information and operational processes. It is possible to retrieve important information from a central server from anywhere, allowing you to make flexible and prompt decisions. All important support information is collected, even during repairs.

The use of mobile devices in companies is constantly growing and therefore it is becoming increasingly important, and ultimately imperative, to integrate a Mobile Device Management System in order to administer mobile devices. Through targeted application, mobile devices can be controlled hassle-free, updated centrally and gaps in security can be patched. Mobile devices can be successfully monitored using Zebra’s Operational Visibility Service (OVS) solution. As a result of the interplay between these comprehensive IT solutions, future mobile devices can be integrated optimally and efficiently into everyday operations in a secure manner.

  • Talk with us about your requirements. We provide non-binding advice about the specific hardware to meet your needs and we can show you various comprehensive solutions for reliable mobile data collection and data communication in your company. Feel free to contact our on-site system adviser for non-binding advice on potential solutions.