Mobile data collection

Hand held terminals for mobile data collection and processing

Mobile data collection devices for data communication in real time.

Mobile data collection devices (MDC) allow for real time data communication with your overlaying ERP system. Not only does this work in your company, it also works for customer callouts. Data can be collected, processed and sent to the overlaying ERP system promptly. This provides greater transparency in your company’s processes and gives you a competitive edge. As a logistics solutions system vendor, not only do we provide the right mobile hardware, we also integrate our reliable standard software modules seamlessly into your system.

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The right mobile computer for your application

Mobile data collection devices for flowing business processes

In the business processes of every company, time-optimizing and cost-optimizing factors play a very important role. In almost every business process, a series of data is generated, which not only has to be recorded, but also processed and managed. With MDE solutions, data can be collected and transferred directly to the merchandise management system. The mobile capture of many data directly at the source, without manual intermediate steps, brings more data transparency into the company processes. Various mobile data collection devices can be used for this purpose.

Optimal solutions with mobile data acquisition

Manual data entry in paper form is not only very time consuming but also very expensive and this type of data collection is also very prone to errors. In most cases, the collected data must also be entered manually for electronic processing. An uneconomical way of working is the result.

Mobile data collection devices offer a modern approach, which not only saves time and saves money, but also prevents errors. All process-relevant data is recorded locally and can be made available either at the same time or in immediate succession. The data recorded with the mobile data acquisition can either be displayed directly to mobile data collection devices or the data communication can take place in real time with the existing higher-level ERP system. In this way, mobile data collection devices increase data quality and transparency in the company. Mobile DAQ devices can collect the required data independently of and away from a computer workstation.

Use of the latest technologies

Mobile data collection devices record the required data in the form of barcodes, RFID information or even by manual input. Mobile data collection devices can be connected online or offline. Our mobile data acquisition devices are divided into a wide variety of applications. For example, you will find mobile data collection devices for office and trade, for warehouses and industrial applications, for deep-freeze areas, for service and the customer field service, for DPM scanning, as well as RFID terminals for the reading out of RFID tags. The mobile data acquisition devices offered can be seamlessly integrated into the existing system environment thanks to our tried-and-tested standard software modules.
Integer Solutions’ mobile DAQ devices offer a rugged design and work very reliably even in extreme conditions, yet are easy to use.

Individual requirements for each area

Depending on the area, very different requirements are placed on mobile data acquisition devices. In many cases, specific requirements are required here, which should affect the hardware to be used. For example, mobile data capture devices must be very robust in many areas of the business and must be free of numerous shocks and vibrations. Extremely robust mobile data acquisition devices also offer a very high resistance to cold and can be used in this way, for example, in frozen areas in telecommunications logistics.
Further high demands can be met with the offered hardware for applications in the healthcare sector. Such mobile data collection devices are not only robust and reliable but are even protected against the harmful effects of chemicals.

  • Talk to us about your requirements. We advise you without obligation on a hardware tailored to your needs and show individual complete solutions for a reliable, mobile data collection and data communication in your company. Our system consultant will be happy to visit you on-site to show you solutions in a non-binding consultation.