Annual inventories often require a lot of time and a lot of personnel. isMobilinvent offers you the simple solution to record and evaluate data and your inventory using paperless barcode terminals. Mobile data capture (MDE) using mobile barcode terminals replaces the inventory list and makes counting items in the warehouse easier. The laborious and time-consuming inventory on paper and documents is now a thing of the past.

Simplify your inventory

Using mobile data collection (MDE) minimizes work, reduces possible sources of error and increases your efficiency. isMobilinvent is a stand-alone system and works completely independently of your existing ERP system. To speed up the inventory process, several mobile terminals can be used. isMobilinvent is suitable for smaller and larger companies and supports the recording of products with quantity information, as well as the transfer of the values ​​into appropriate export files or directly into your merchandise management system (optional). With mobile or stationary barcode printers and corresponding consumables, items and inventory can be provided with high-quality labels and accessed at any time.

Mobile inventory with isMobilinvent

Thanks to the possibility of creating new data records directly on the mobile terminal and printing labels directly using a mobile barcode label printer, articles and items can be assessed and labeled directly on site. Every user can log in with their name using the start screen on the mobile terminal. The inventory processes are subsequently provided with the name, date and time. If an article is scanned, the exact article data is displayed on the terminal. Items that are not available can be added and any changes to the item description can be edited using the keyboard. Once the quantity has been confirmed, the item inventory process is completed and the next item can be recorded. If an item is accidentally rescanned, a message appears on the barcode terminal display and the item can be counted again or the next item can be skipped to. Once the inventory has been completed, the inventory data can be transferred directly to the desktop PC at the push of a button and is available there in CSV format for further digital processing. Alternatively, isMobilinvent communicates directly with your merchandise management system.