Individual software solutions from Integer Solutions


Do you have complex process variants in the warehouse or difficulties managing your construction machinery? Do you regularly fail to find a software solution to handle your processes? With our proven software modules, we integrate a wide variety of identification technologies into your system environment and ensure smooth communication with your merchandise management system. We adapt the modules to your requirements. After all, every industry, every warehouse and every company is individual and has different processes.

Software for warehouse and logistics

Labeling of goods and modern warehousing are now very easy if you have the right facilities and the right equipment. Today, intelligent software solutions can control, optimize and facilitate many of these work processes. Just take a look around.

Suitable software for modern warehousing

With the innovative software solutions you can now perfectly organize your goods transport, incoming goods and outgoing goods. Whether for shipping, for picking goods, for incoming goods or for outgoing goods, we offer you the right or tailored software for you so that you can coordinate your processes better in the future and work processes become simpler and more transparent.

Mobile computers and scanners

Optimize your daily work processes with the software from Integer Solutions and, for example, make inventory of your inventory easier or purchase suitable devices for printing or reading and scanning barcodes. We also offer a range of small and handy computers in smartphone format, which are perfect for field service employees, such as parcel deliverers. This means you always have the necessary customer data at hand, even when you're on the move.

Service for our customers

As a special service, we also offer our customers the repair or maintenance of the devices they have purchased. For example, have barcode scanners, mobile computers, forklift terminals, etc. checked by our experienced technicians and, if necessary, made functional and ready for use again. In addition, you can also receive training from us so that you do not have any difficulties using our technology and software solutions.