Advantech DLoG DLT-M8110

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The removable vehicle terminal – extremely robust and functional

Advantech DLoG goes with the new one 10-inch forklift terminal DLT M8110 a new way. Thanks to the quick release technology, the terminal can be docked and undocked from the vehicle quickly and easily and can therefore be used as a high-quality industrial tablet outside of the forklift truck. This is an interesting option for tasks in which you have to work freely in addition to working on the forklift. The mobile forklift terminal combines all the features of a robust vehicle terminal with the advantages of an industrial tablet PC.
The docking station's connectors are extremely durable - so DLoG guarantees error-free docking 15.000 times without the connectors being damaged. An angled 2D barcode scanner is integrated into the forklift terminal, which saves the hassle of scanning with an additional hand scanner.

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