Zebra TC25

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The smartphone with business features

Consumers using smartphones for work doesn't work. Many companies have had to discover this the hard way. Consumer devices often fail when it comes to daily tasks. Be it the battery life, the simple and secure capture of barcodes or the robustness of the devices. Zebra offers with the mobile computer TC25 here is a real alternative. The zebra TC25 offer the simplicity of smartphones in a business tool - from the Android operating system, to the large, bright screen that is easy to view both indoors and outdoors, to three programmable buttons that provide instant access to your most used functions and enable applications.

The Zebra TC25 is an entry-level device and closes the gap between end consumer smartphones and high-end industrial barcode terminals.

  • Zebra TC25 (4G) for all tasks in the field or delivery service
  • Zebra TC20 (Wi-Fi only) for all corporate/retail or light warehousing tasks

Full-fledged barcode scanner integrated

Smartphone cameras are not intended for scanning barcodes. That's why it is  TC25 from the factory with the same high-quality scanning technology which is reliably used by most retailers worldwide every day in the form of hand-held barcode scanners. You can easily capture any electronic or printed barcode regardless of condition.