Datalogic memory 20

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5,7″ Android MDE with good performance

The Memor 20 is the new flagship from Datalogic and comes with a 5,7-inch full HD display and the user-friendly Android operating system. The manufacturer combines the latest smartphone technologies with powerful 1D/2D barcode scanning and industrial robustness in the device and brings some new innovations:

Wireless charging technology

The Memor 20 is equipped with contactless, inductive charging technology, which makes contact problems with the charging station a thing of the past. The charging stations also have a locking option with individual user authentication and prevent unauthorized access and theft.

Second display on the top of the terminal

Datalogic has implemented an innovative idea with the display on the top of the mobile PDA. The display shows incoming notifications without having to take the mobile computer out of the holster or bag. This significantly improves usability and productivity.

Replaceable battery without data loss

Round-the-clock applications are now no problem. The battery, which can be replaced at any time, further extends the usage time of the Datalogic Memor 20 and allows employees to carry out intensive applications around the clock. Thanks to the “SafeSwap” technology, the battery can be changed during operation without losing data.

Authentication with fingerprint sensor

As is known from many smartphones, the MDE device can be unlocked using a fingerprint scan. This enables reliable user authentication and secures the handheld computer against unauthorized use.

Reliable companion in in-house and field service

Thanks to the 4G connectivity including dual band, WLAN, Bluetooth and NFC, the Memor 20 is open for indoor and outdoor applications and, in addition to the excellent data collection properties, can also offer good voice and data connectivity like a normal smartphone.

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    Barcode solution developed for the healthcare sectorMemor 20 – Healthcare variant
    The white-green plastic housing of the healthcare models is made of antimicrobial materials and is resistant to common cleaning and disinfecting agents. The Memor 20 can be used as an inpatient in the hospital or for home care.