Handheld Algiz 8X

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Compact and cost-effective industrial tablet for your everyday work

The mobile industrial tablet Algiz 8x impresses with optimal computing power and impressive reliability, especially in demanding working environments. The handheld Algiz 8X tablet can be used anywhere and defies adverse weather conditions. The high-resolution 8-inch display ensures optimal handling.

Brilliant display in any environment

The Algiz 8X has a brilliant 8-inch display with capacitive touch and chemically hardened surface. The touchscreen supports rain and glove modes as well as operation with a stylus. Changing the ambient light is also easy thanks to an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the backlight.

Power for a whole day – and more!

The powerful 5200mAh battery pack can be changed during operation. This enables uninterrupted work. The running time can be further extended with the extended battery pack with 10050 mAh, which is available as an accessory.

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