Zebra ET40 / ET45

High-quality, robust tablets for everyday business use

The Zebra ET40 / ET45 industrial tablet series comes with an Android operating system, a flat, lightweight consumer-style design - but is made for use in companies.

Consumer tablets with difficulties

Conventional consumer tablets are good, but they quickly reach their limits in daily business use and are not as durable. The tablets are inexpensive to purchase but incur follow-up costs because they have to be replaced more often and the life cycle of consumer tablets is very limited. In order to adapt it to daily tasks, extra accessories must be purchased for each device, such as protective housings or separate barcode scanners.

A tablet made for all-day use in the company

The Zebra ET4X series tablets are robust yet affordable and offer all the advantages in one device.

  • robustness
  • Integrated scanner
  • Long life cycle and service options
  • Android 11
  • Different screen sizes

Rich accessories

The Zebra tablets are very robust and suitable for indoor and outdoor use and work in both heat and sub-zero temperatures. Splash water is also no problem. If the area of ​​use is often rougher, there are optional protective covers for additional durability.

In general the Zebra ET40 / ET45 to the respective work situation through optional accessories be adjusted.

  • Various carrying devices
  • Card reader extension (so the ET40 / ET45 can be used as a mobile POS system, for example
  • Vehicle mounts
  • Push-to-talk and PBX headsets enable push-to-talk calls or comprehensive PBX phone functionality with Zebra Workforce Connect and Workforce Connect Voice software installed
  • Display stand

The flexible stand offers even more possible uses for the ET40/ET45 tablet in the POS area.

Zebra ET4X / model variants

The industrial tablet is available with an 8-inch or 10-inch display in these versions:

  • Zebra ET40 / Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 (BLE)
  • Zebra ET45 / Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 (BLE), NFC and GPS

Barcode solution developed for the healthcare sectorThe models are also available as special version for healthcare ready:

-Disinfectant resistant housing

-Freely programmable button on the side can be used as an emergency call button

  • Zebra ET40hc
  • Zebra ET45hc