Wireless networks in your company

The best wireless infrastructure using Access Points and Switch

A seamless and uncomplicated communication between internally-connected and mobile end devices and the internet is crucial to your company. When establishing or optimising a wireless network in your company, take advantage of Zebra’s (now Extreme’s) secure and stable devices. This type of wireless communication forms the basis for any functional logistics-orientated organisation. Zebra’s Access Points and Switches can help you.

These devices work both indoors and outdoors. With our devices, we document data flows and analyse the networks. We optimise your wireless network infrastructure so as to increase network security and speed. Even large volumes of data can be transported quicker and more efficiently. As a result, you can benefit from more fluid operations and improved networking. Wireless Access Points and Switches primarily allow the simple and trouble-free dispatch, control and distribution of data. By using Wireless Access Points, you ensure that the end device (mobile handheld computer, forklift terminal, printer…) can communicate wirelessly. These devices organise the connection and interplay between individual network segments. They connect various devices with each other, prevent data collisions, direct data packets to their targets and bridge the differences between transfer mediums. With this improvement, there are a number of advantages, in particular to the user. For example, you can choose workplaces freely and transfer data directly in real time across the whole company.

Extreme Networks is a renowned supplier of wireless solutions.

Extreme Wireless Access Points provide a similar performance to cable-based networks. They can be installed to fit in any kind of location. The wireless network Access Points by Extreme Networks provide a high density in any environment and produce a stable performance comparable to that of a cable-based network. Extreme Networks (Extreme) include several Access Points with a high transfer rate in their product range. Depending on the model, they are suitable for both indoor, as well as outdoor use. The devices are easy to install and manage. Extreme Networks’ wireless network technologies meet the requirements of today’s company applications by providing a simple means of connection, fast data transfer rates and versatility with regards to existing applications.


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  • The efficient operation of the WLAN is always in our focus. Together with our technology partners, we offer you solutions that can be managed with little effort and expanded and updated at any time. Talk to us about your requirements! We advise you without obligation about a tailor-made solution for your company.