Industrial tablet PCs

Tablet PCs combine the advantages of a mobile computer with those of a conventional desktop PC. Small, handy, mobile and yet with a comfortable display size, allowing you to work efficiently with the input screen. With tablet PCs, these advantages can now also be enjoyed in demanding environments. Industrial tablets are sufficiently robust and, along with providing a lot of processing power, usually run the familiar desktop computer operating system, Windows, on the mobile device. In addition to these handy industrial tablets, it is possible to tap into completely new markets using the UTC-All-In-One-Touchscreen terminal (with display sizes of between 10 and 32 inches): clinics, production environments, retail. Anywhere where efficient, robust touch computers could simplify processes and streamline the flow of information through easy interaction.

Work effectively on the go with an industry tablet

Conventional tablets are often pushed to the limit under rough and difficult conditions in the field, such as on building sites. Therefore, we have the right industrial tablet for every professional user. It is important to us that we provide a long-lasting solution. The use of specially designed industrial PCs and their components in rough industrial environments presents certain challenges. Our high-quality industrial computers are dust and moisture resistant and can tolerate high temperatures, high humidity and vibrations. Our range of robust industrial computers includes versatile and IP-protected industrial tablet PCs. You can purchase tablets in small quantities from us, which are individually tailored to suit your requirements.

Industrial tablet PCs can be used in the following areas:

Access all the data you need in real time:

Do you often visit customers in the field? Then an industrial tablet can offer you the perfect combination of strong performance, optimal functionality and mobility. Thanks to a capacitive multi-touch display, the industrial tablet can be operated intuitively. This allows you to access customer and inventory data in real time.

Collecting mobile data for logistics:

Industrial tablet PCs in the industry need to prove themselves with a robust casing, as well as an intrinsic value. You can improve your productivity with an industrial tablet PC, thanks to their low error rate and 24-hour availability. Many industrial tablets use an integrated camera or scan imager module. Moreover, it is possible to open up other application areas using customised interfaces.

Using an industrial tablet PC

  • Retrieve your data and information everywhere and in real time.
  • Access your data anywhere. Secure and reliable.
  • Access customer data hassle-free or check existing warehouse stock.
  • A versatile range of accessories and individual enhancements for effective work on the go.

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  • You will find the right tablet PC for your project and support from selection to implementation. Contact us – We will be pleased to advise you and coordinate with you a data acquisition solution exactly to your application.