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Label and barcode printers are key components in any company and, among other things, ensure smooth operations during production and in the warehouse. Downtimes in barcode printers can prove to be very costly and may cause significant damage.

We always stock the right printer in our range of products to match any need

Whether for mobile label printing at a customer callout, printing labels during production or transport logistics or for the high-quality printing of chemical warning signs – we have the right barcode printing solution for you. Take advantage of our many years of experience. We can show you the best type of printer and send you the right labeling materials to ensure the reliable marking and labeling of your products and goods.

In general, barcodes can be produced using various printing processes, such as inkjet, laser or thermal printing. The devices vary here in terms of handling or the range of materials. Thermal printers are used most and although the presentation of colors is less clear at the edges, the printing and material costs are low.

As a classic label printer, the thermal direct and thermal transfer printers are excellent for creating barcode labels. These ensure sharp edges, which allows barcodes to be read by a scanner with ease and without issue. The barcode is quick and easy to create. The thermal transfer label printer works with label creation software when producing and this software is equipped with barcode generators. The generators bring the bars and gaps into proportion with the resolution of the barcode to be printed, thereby making the creation of barcodes straight forward. With a wide range of labels and ink ribbon materials, it is possible to create labels in different shapes and sizes with the barcode printer. These robust barcode printers are frequently used in industry due to their smudge and scratch-proof labels.

Barcode printers are available in a number of different designs.

There are printers with a resolution of 200dpi up to 600 dpi. As a rule of thumb in printing, if the label needs finer detail and more content, this requires a higher resolution. 300 dpi devices produce very good results for graphics, as well as 1D and 2D barcodes. The advantage with thermal direct printers, is that they do not require a transfer film (ink ribbon) but instead use thermally sensitive paper. Thermal transfer printers on the other hand require a transfer film in addition to the labeling material. Ensure that you use a very high quality ink ribbon and material if you need smudge or scratch-proof labels.

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We have divided our barcode printers into different application areas:

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