Mobile Device Management Service Integer


With our Enterprise Mobility Management (isEMM) We host and manage your mobile devices and ensure regular security updates.
Integrating and configuring new devices takes no time at all and user rights on your devices can be assigned centrally at the push of a button, depending on the user profile.


The all-round, worry-free package
for your mobile devices from Integer

  • We take over the management of your mobile devices
  • We host and manage your mobile devices
  • Regular security updates
  • Swap service, configured replacement devices

With our Enterprise Mobility Management (isEMM) you are Mobile devices always ready for use!

With isEMM, we keep an eye on your mobile devices with a wide variety of operating systems, such as mobile computers, tablets, smartphones, but also mobile printers, safely and reliably - throughout their entire life cycle!

Optionally you can use ours Swap service quickly provides a replacement device available with their device configuration if an MDE device or barcode printer should fail at short notice. This reduces downtime and waiting times for repairs can be bridged without loss.

Without isEMMWith isEMM

More overview with isEMM:
Central management of app permissions

  • Creation of different user profiles
  • Central app management / distribute user rights
  • On the MDE: Concentration on the essentials

An operating system usually comes with many features and apps as standard, which are often not needed in everyday work. With isEMM you can assign or release apps to each user. This simplifies and speeds up work processes.

  • Without isEMM
  • Distraction possible!
    The display of the mobile computer shows the complete Google range. Employees could easily be distracted by various streaming offers, news, etc.
  • With isEMM
  • Full concentration on the essentials!
    The mobile computer display only shows apps that are centrally approved via isEMM.

Easy integration of new devices into your system environment

  • Easy configuration of new mobile devices using barcode scanning
  • Uncomplicated integration of new mobile devices into your system environment

With our enterprise mobility management tool isEMM, you maintain control over the security of your company data. Our isEMM service supports you in efficiently and reliably managing your mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, mobile data capture terminals, PDAs and mobile printers. You benefit from the simple configuration and integration of new devices, which can be integrated into the existing company network in no time.

We host and manage your mobile devices

See more advantages

through our Mobile Device Management Service

  • Remote support
  • Monthly reporting
  • Location, blocking, deletion of mobile devices

    (In case of loss or theft)

  • Supports common operating systems

What are the advantages of mobile device management?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a powerful tool for managing and securing mobile devices such as mobile computers and tablets in companies. It allows users to efficiently manage and control their devices while increasing productivity and minimizing security risks. MDM gives organizations the ability to centrally manage apps and updates, enforce policies, and lock or wipe devices in the event of loss or theft. This concept is essential to support the increasing mobile working style and to protect the company-wide IT infrastructure.

  • With our isEMM service, we take over the management of your mobile devices. Depending on your requirements, 3 different packages of our Mobile Device Management Service isEMM are available.

    We would be happy to advise you on the MDM service tailored to your company.

    Would you prefer to manage your MDE devices yourself? Then take a look at ours MDM software solutions.