Connection to ERP systems


Have you already decided on the right devices and now want to create the technical requirements and connect your devices to your existing ERP system so that crucial information can be transferred directly into your ERP system? With our software interface isConnector is not a problem.

Data transfer made easy

By default, MDE devices do not know where the recorded data should be transferred. With our software interface isConnector that's not a problem. isConnector is a kind of communication bridge and paves the way for the captured data to the right place in your ERP system. Conversely, it also ensures that data can be returned to MDE devices.

Our software experts will work with you to analyze which technical requirements you already have and which still need to be created in order to guarantee smooth communication between the MDE devices and your existing merchandise management system.

Intelligent link for your professional warehouse management

In the age of increasing digitalization of companies, the requirements and challenges for the technical equipment are also growing, which enables a diverse orientation in the long term. So-called ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) have long been regulating operational processes comprehensively and comprehensively, thereby enormously increasing the profitability of a company. The ERP systems can manage all important company processes, for example  Administration, human resources and control at the same time as merchandise management, warehousing and much more. connect. The interfaces (Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs for short) between the existing ERP systems and additional CRM applications play a central role.

This is how isConnector integrates mobile technologies into your existing merchandise management system

Regardless of whether they are small, medium-sized or large companies – everyone benefits from our ERP-capable software interface isConnector. By integrating mobile technologies, you receive holistic process optimization that goes hand in hand with transparency and increased effectiveness across all departments. Previously complex processes are reduced to their essential features and operational processes are simplified.

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