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Barcode labels are important building blocks of a company and are used in a wide variety of industries and in a wide variety of applications:

  • Barcode labels control the flow of goods
  • Barcode labels automate the warehouse and optimize processes
  • Goods and parcel shipments can be traced using barcode labels

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A wide variety of items and goods carry identification labels, which at the same time enable them to be identified and allow a wide range of processes to be carefully documented. We also have the right labels and the matching label printer ribbon for demanding surfaces.

Examples of the diverse areas of application for barcode labels:

  • product labels
  • type signs
  • Shelf and storage location labeling
  • Logo labels
  • inspection stickers
  • shipping labels
  • Labels in healthcare (blood bag labeling, cryogenic labels etc.)
  • Advertising labels and much more.

Label properties

  • Heat/cold resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Water-repellent, water-soluble
  • Oil resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • abrasion
  • Outdoor resistant and much more.

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  • paper labels for simple, cost-effective labeling
  • Polyethylene labels (PE labels, organic, recyclable, thermoplastic). Due to their food compatibility, the labels are often used in the food industry. Further properties: Moisture-resistant and temperature-resistant from -10 C to 80 C, currently the most cost-effective plastic label material
  • Polypropylene labels (PP labels): Properties: Resistant to almost all organic solvents, acids, alkalis and fats.
  • Polyester labels (PET labels): Properties: Temperature resistant (-60 to 150 C) and resistant to expansion and shrinkage. Resistant to water, gasoline, oil, fats, alkalis and acids.

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