Wirelessly track ambient temperatures

Zebra temperature sensors

There are many examples, especially in deep-freeze logistics, in which the deep-freeze chain must not be interrupted and this must be proven by the manufacturer and supplier. But in other applications, such as the delivery of vaccines and other medicines, a constant temperature can be very important for the shelf life of the products.

Provably constant temperatures thanks to electronic temperature sensors

ImpfstoffeZebra's electronic temperature sensors wirelessly monitor environments containing temperature-sensitive products. They are Bluetooth-enabled and offer mobile connectivity and data sharing for secure temperature control in production, warehouse or shipping.

The Zebra M300 with magnetic holder and the Zebra S400 (hanger device) are two wireless, portable sensors for monitoring and controlling the cold chain.

The sensors can record temperature and store up to 16.000 data points. Using the EDGEVue Android app, the data history (including location data) can then be read and displayed on a mobile device. In addition, the temperature data can be automatically retrieved via the OCEABridge® gateway, uploaded to the cloud and alarm notifications sent (see also graphic below).

Wireless temperature sensors Android evaluation

ZebraM300 temperature sensorZebra M-300 temperature sensor

  • Operating range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Replaceable battery with a lifespan of 12 months
  • Protection class: IP67

Zebra S400 temperature sensorZebra S-400 temperature sensor

  • Operating range: -30°C to +70°C
  • Non-removable battery with 12 months lifespan
  • Protection class: IP40
The principle of electronic temperature sensors

The EDGEVue web application allows users to view and manage the data uploaded from the temperature sensors anywhere 24/7 in a web browser. All information from sensors connected to the account can be displayed in tables and charts and filtered to create reports and analyze data. This provides an overview of recorded temperature data on packaging materials, containers, trucks, cold chain equipment and temperature-controlled rooms.