Mobile data collection technologies accelerate transport logistics


Through transport logistics, selected objects are delivered in the right quantity and optimal quality to the assigned location at the right time.

Efficient transport logistics

As a sub-area of ​​logistics (transport logistics), transport is also integrated into the TUL processes (transport, handling, storage) in many companies. Transport goods are transported from one place to another. Through transportation, selected objects are delivered in the right quantity and optimal quality to the assigned location at the right time. In transport, a distinction is made between external and inter-company transport and internal transport of conveyor systems, including forklifts, cranes, conveyor belts and also rails.

The transport sector is divided into single-part or multi-part transport. Single-part transports only have one transport route, meaning the goods are transported directly from the sender to the customer. Multi-part transports are also called transport chains and have a pre-, main- and on-carriage. In advance, the consumer goods are picked up from the sender (customer) and taken to a nearby transshipment point. The main run takes place at the transshipment point. From there, the goods are subsequently delivered to the recipient.

Mobile data capture devices are essential in transport logistics

Every item or device transported is usually marked with a barcode, which contains information about the product, the sender and the delivery address. This information can be stored digitally with the data acquisition devices be determined. A barcode scanning system can be used to determine where which product or device is located and this information can be securely passed on electronically and synchronously to other systems. In the area of ​​logistics, this creates transparency in the tracking of consumer goods or devices and provides relevant information - both for the manufacturer and the end user.

Companies can clearly design and efficiently control the closely linked and highly complex transport processes with intelligent and individually adapted IT logistics solutions. The optimal hardware through individually adapted barcode systems enables enormous speed and high security in the electronic exchange of information in transport logistics. This results in maximum flexibility, greater transparency and shorter lead times.