Food safe signs – to comply with all regulations

Allergen labeling requirement

Important product information for the customer and seller

Product labels play an important key role in customers' purchasing decisions and ensure that your products are provided with the obligatory information: product name, price, unit of measurement, origin and most importantly...which one Allergens included!

In times of increasing allergies among the population to a wide variety of ingredients, such as nuts, various fruits, grains containing gluten, khorasan wheat or milk, precise information about ingredients plays a major role in the diet and purchasing decisions of allergy sufferers. Food, whether packaged or unpackaged, should therefore be labeled accordingly. Prepared food in a deli counter should also have an allergen label. This labeling of allergens is regulated in the EU Food Information Regulation (LMIV) of December 2014.

Allergenic ingredients should be clearly stated when labeling products and dishes:

14 allergens that require labeling

According to LMIV, you must provide consumers with comprehensive information about allergenic substances and ingredients contained, especially in the case of unpackaged food or unpackaged goods. AHow do you ensure this?that the list of ingredients for each food is up to date and correct? Do you still rely on handwritten notes and written documentation?

The solution: PVC price tags printed on both sides for allergen labeling

With product labels printed on both sides, you can provide this important information to customers and your staff!

Front for your customers

A beautifully designed sign not only looks appealing, but also shows the customer important information about a product at a glance in a clearly visible location.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Note on allergens
  • Image/logo for more individuality
  • Highlighting promotions or new products, etc.

Back of the cards for your staff

The double-sided price tags can be used as a valuable tool for your sales team.

  • Product barcode
  • Price and additional pricing information
  • Consumption information
  • Preparation or storage tips
  • Notice of current promotions
  • Note on allergens
Price tags on plastic cards
Price tags on plastic cards

The advantages of PVC price tags printed on both sides:

  • Time saving: Quick and easy printing of price tags
  • Always up to date for e.g. promotions, quick verbal information for the customer
  • Hygiene: PVC cards are easy to clean, food-safe and cold and moisture resistant
  • PVC cards comply with legal regulations
Food-safe cards for the customer area

Food safe


Can be designed individually


Dishwasher safe


Information for customers and sellers

Even more attention for your products! With the PVC customer cards printed on both sides, you and your customers always have all the important information in view!

Complete printing solutions for printing double-sided PVC price tags

Zebra ZC300 Card Printer Bundle

Simple and professional signage of products with the complete solution: CardEXPRESS

With the zebra CardEXPRESS You have everything at your fingertips to get high-quality products quickly and easily both sides to create printed product labels for your food. The package includes:

  • High-quality card printer ZC300 from Zebra (double-sided 300dpi, USB, LAN)
  • White ribbon material for more than 2000 cards
  • 2000 high-quality customer cards (matt black, food-safe, printable on both sides)
  • Zebra ZC300 cleaning set
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty for printer and print head

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