Barcode scanners in the pharmaceutical industry


In no other industry is error-free labeling as important as in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Data collection devices such as barcode scanner, mobile computers and also Label and patient wristband printers for the healthcare sector consist of specially manufactured housings that are resistant to aggressive cleaning and disinfecting agents.

Barcodes on patient wristbands and medications optimize patient safety

In hospitals, patient management is permanently simplified through the use of efficient administration systems. Work processes can be optimized using barcodes on patient wristbands, medications or even clinical equipment and, in turn, patient safety can be improved enormously and quickly. Appropriate solutions reduce the error rate in medication due to incorrect dosages or patient mix-ups.

Unused or incorrectly planned inventory that is contaminated or defective, for example, brings with it a significant financial disadvantage if its whereabouts are not adequately documented. The existing hospital inventory such as beds, infusion pumps, ultrasound machines or mobile X-ray machines can be provided with RFID tags or barcode labels and localized, documented and managed using barcode technologies. This simplifies processes in various clinical areas and makes processes more transparent. Downtimes and resource shortages can thus be effectively avoided.

Perfect functionality of the labels is a basic requirement

Throughout the entire processing chain, important information such as ingredients, shelf life, application, etc. may be included labels do not get lost. It must be ensured that the markings on the labels are absolutely correct. Especially with regard to medical purposes, labels must meet certain criteria and qualities. It must be determined in advance for which use, for example, laboratory labels are required. Labels can be personalized with barcodes using a label printer. An important property of the labels is their temperature and adhesive resistance, so that they remain long-lasting and durable. The adhesive is expected to be of high quality because it bonds to product packaging but does not attack the packaging material. Healthcare labels must guarantee durability and traceability.

Modern hospital technology in Denmark

So-called super hospitals are being built there that can accommodate up to 4000 patients every day and employ 9500 people. In order to organize the tracking and location of personnel, medical equipment and samples and medications more efficiently, RFID solutions were optimally used throughout the hospital. With the help of RFID solutions, everything can be located with just the push of a button. The use of RFID reduces the number of products purchased in the hospital because employees can easily find the devices they need and keep costs accordingly low. At the same time, the nearest specialist is found quickly to ensure the best possible patient care in an emergency.

Barcode scanners and barcode printers are used in healthcare

A selection of barcode solutions for the healthcare sector