Auto ID devices in the construction industry


In the construction industry, an orderly overview and functioning administration of the many individual trades, materials, construction machines, times and applications on the different construction sites is particularly important. This high level of organization can be ensured with the help of modern IT and barcodes in the construction industry, especially on construction sites. In connection with larger construction sites, this is a feat that poses challenges for construction managers - and everyone with corresponding tasks.

Accurate employee time recording using barcodes

Barcodes are particularly suitable in this context. The barcode can simply be printed on the company ID card barcode scanner read in and the employee is automatically recorded in the system. Employees register when they arrive at the construction site and can also log out again using the barcode.

What works with individual employees in the construction industry on construction sites can of course also be transferred to the fleet and construction machinery in the construction industry. Today, suitable printing processes make them very durable labels possible depending on the desired application. Labels that stick to rough surfaces for use in wind and weather and are safe from tampering. Labels can be used, for example, on machines, excavators, wheel loaders, telehandlers, lifting platforms and much more. attach easily. Using the barcodes and the reader, the corresponding construction machines are booked in when they arrive at the construction site and registered in real time in a company's central fleet management.

Effective construction site logistics: Precise planning with programs such as NEVARIS

But logistics technology in the construction industry can do even more in connection with organization and planning on construction sites. There is often little space on any construction site for materials that will only be needed in a few days or perhaps even weeks. Nevertheless, there must always be enough building materials on site to ensure that construction runs smoothly. With software-supported programs such as NEVARIS, the material requirements can be determined precisely on the day of installation and cover the entire brewing process. The construction management knows exactly when certain materials have left the factory and should arrive on site. In addition, personnel can be scheduled on site at the right time.

isConstruct: Software for digital management in the construction industry

Mobile software solution for the construction industry: isConstruct

With the combination of scanners and software, individual machines can be selected and defects can also be marked. With the software isConstruct With Integer Solutions you always have a mobile overview of your machines and materials. You can also see when the machines will be available for use again. In this way, it is clear to every employee which construction machines are available and ready for operation in the inventory and when. This not only allows the position of individual vehicles to be determined, but also allows maintenance and repair intervals to be scheduled perfectly to avoid long downtimes.