Barcode solutions for the automotive industry


The automobile industry is constantly growing and so are its requirements, especially in the areas of manufacturing, selling, servicing and repairing automobiles. As one of the largest industries in the world, the automotive industry is by far the most important sector in the global import and export business, especially for Germany, and is also of enormous importance internationally.

Our barcode solutions ensure speed and precision

An error-free and smooth production flow as well as transparent traceability in the preceding supply chain are important and a helpful support in daily work in the automotive industry. With our innovative marking systems, e.g. using labels, we have even the most difficult label shapes made from a wide variety of materials with high precision in compliance with the special standards and specifications - also for your requirements in the automotive sector. By using a thermal transfer printer or laser printer, you receive logistics labels (Odette labels), labels for spare parts, nameplates, customer-specific solutions or labels made from special materials, including self-adhesive labels. With the right label and label system, for example, faulty automotive products or parts can be traced more quickly using data capture, thereby bringing more transparency to your processes.

Reduction of incidents through the use of mobile data collection technologies

Manage the entire process flow of your automotive company with this efficient mobile data collection. This makes your employees flexible and automatically facilitates existing work processes through error-free labeling. Robust mobile handheld computers and Industrial tablets Can be used for customer acceptance, service documentation, and parts management software operation. They can also be used in repair diagnostics. Orders processed faster mean happier customers. The use also saves time and costs, accelerates the process flow and increases planning security.